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  1. Thank you

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    We are speechless. The outpouring of love and support of our family, friends, and the entire community is amazing. We are humbled by how many businesses and companies donated their time, money and goods to help make the benefit a success. It was an absolute pleasure meeting everyone who has been either quietly supporting us or have been an integral part of our crew. Jacob is always at the forefront of our hearts, and was truly the center of the event. Thank you for taking the time to share yourselves with him as well as celebrate what an amazing little boy he is. We never lost sight of the focus of this event…Jake – plain and simple. Thank you for being a part of the fight with us…we truly know that we are not alone.



  2. It started with a drawing from a 8 year old boy…

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    It started with a drawing from a 8 year old boy…and we turned it into an event that celebrates a truly remarkable little mind. We are ready to share with you – join us in one week…next Sunday, November 8 at Bourbon Street.



  3. just focus and keep aiming…

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    What makes family and friends unite and come together to support a good cause? The answer is simple…a very special little boy named Jacob Danny Mieszala. The Just For Jake Crew has tailored the benefit to Jacob and his love of nature. Join us on November 8 at Bourbon Street to see just how blessed we are to have such a unique, smart and vibrant little boy in our lives!

    Tickets are available NOW at www.justforjake.org or contact justforjake19@gmail.com for more information.



  4. Fabulous prizes!

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    The Just For Jake Crew has been hard at work planning and organizing a special benefit for Jacob! Look at some of our fabulous prizes!

    * Bears/Blackhawks/Cubs/Bulls/Sox Tickets
    * ipad
    * iphone
    * Thin Blue Line Reclaimed Wood Flag
    * Custom-Made Bean Bag
    * Autographed Hossa Jersey
    * Round of Golf at Silver Lakes & Rolling Meadows
    * 32′ Samsung TV

    Buy your presale tickets at www.justforjake.org or contact the Just For Jake committee at justforjake19@gmail.com if you prefer to pay by check! Thanks for the support!


  5. Tickets available!

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    Tickets have arrived and we are so ready to sell! Visit www.justforjake.org to purchase online or email us at justforjake19@gmail.com. Send us a check made out to Just For Jake and we’ll mail your ticket to you! Couldn’t be easier! Ticket prices are as follows:

    Adults age 21 and over – $40
    Young adults and children age 6 to 20 – $10
    Children age 5 and under – FREE

    All ticket prices include food buffet, drinks, valet parking and entertainment. RAFFLES, AUCTIONS, PRIZES AND FAMILY FUN!!! Please help us spread the word! Thank you!


  6. One month away

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    It’s one month until Jake’s benefit at Bourbon Street on November 8! Help support Jake and the Mieszala family by doing one of the following:

    *Be a sponsor on the back of our tshirts – reserve your spot for $200!
    *Buy a raffle ticket for $25!
    *Purchase a Just For Jake bracelet for $5!
    *Buy a presale ticket for the benefit via www.justforjake.org!
    *Change your profile picture to the Just For Jake logo!

    We need all the love and support for Jake and his family! Contact justforjake19@gmail.com for more information!


  7. Raffle Tickets are in!

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    Attention all family and friends near and far! We are excited to announce that our raffle tickets are in, and we are ready to start selling! If you are interested in buying tickets please private message us or email us at justforjake19@gmail.com. Winners do not need to be present to win. Let’s sell lots of tickets to show our support for Jacob and his upcoming benefit on November 8th!


  8. Alaska!

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    Jake’s parents latest update-

    Jacob, the little explorer that he is, has had something very big under wraps. The Make A Wish Foundation is granting him his wish to go to Alaska. Jake took his job very seriously, going into his meeting with his Wish Grantors, Mike & Stephanie, fully prepared with drawings and his detailed list of what his trip looked like to him. He is beyond excited! Take a look, I think his drawings and itinerary tell you a lot about how special of a boy we have.

    Thank you for all of your continued support and prayers.

    You can follow Jake’s journey at Just for Jake on Facebook or www.justforjake.org


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